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The new set of Energy Performance of Buildings standards, developed by CEN under mandate M/480, provides a methodology to calculate overall energy performance of buildings supporting the EPBD. They provide EU Member States with a toolbox to help the implementation of the Directive and aim also at higher transparency regarding the energy performance calculation methodologies. Each EPB standard has a template for a national annex that enables Member States to tailor the methodology to the national situation.

REHVA and ISSO have created a joint organisation with the aim to support the uptake of the new set of EPB standards that signed a service contract with the European Commission to develop and launch its services. This virtuous circle of implementation-application-improvement, fed-in by standards experts and users, could play a crucial role in the actual use of these standards at local level

Services of the EPB Center

Services of the EPB Center

  • Supporting Member States and National Standardisation bodies that wish to complete the national annexes of the overarching standards,
  • Setting up a public frequently asked questions database on filling in annexes, practical application of the standards, etc.
  • Preparing practical case studies to support the use of standards
  • Disseminating and developing calculation tools for individual standards, 
  • Setting up a large network of current practitioners and future practitioners (i.e. building physics students) and support the uptake of standards by organising regular hands-on workshops, training sessions, etc.

EPB standards 2017

Have a look at the full set of the EPB standards

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