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9.02 Relationship between the building and the air conditioning systemBy: ATECYR

It aims to facilitate the work of the technician when choosing an air conditioning system suitable for a particular project. The first part deals with the most important constraints of the project (architectural, urban, system) and the second gives examples of typical installations

  • Building performance management
  • HVAC
  • thermal demand
  • energy generation

16.01 Quality criteria in the assembly of HVAC installationsBy: ATECYR

This is a help guide for the quality execution of the DHW and air conditioning installations. The chapters coincide with the phases of execution of a work. It considers compliance with quality standards (UNE, legal regulations, regulations and good practices).

  • Building performance management
  • Management
  • Execution
  • Work control

18.03 Integration of Renewable Energy in the Rehabilitation of BuildingsBy: ATECYR

The guidebook analyzes the different possibilities of using renewable energies in the rehabilitation of buildings. The objective is to improve the energy efficiency, to reduce the consumption of primary energy of non-renewable origin and the CO2 emissions derived from the energy consumption.

  • Building performance management
  • Building
  • Renewable energies
  • Rehabilitation

CIBSE Guide F: Energy efficiency in buildings (2012)By: CIBSE

  • Building performance management

CIBSE Guide M: Maintenance engineering and management (2014)By: CIBSE

A guide for designers, maintainers, building owners and operators and facilities managers.

  • Building performance management

Ventilation Effectiveness (GB2)By: REHVA

This Guidebook provides easy-to-understand descriptions of the indices used to measure the performance of a ventilation system and which indices to use in different cases.

  • Ventilation systems
  • Building performance management
  • ventilation rates
  • performance of a ventilation system

Hygiene Requirements for Ventilation and Air Conditioning (GB9)By: REHVA

  • Ventilation systems
  • Systems design
  • Building performance management
  • hygiene requirements
  • holistic formulation of requirements

Solar Shading - How to integrate solar shading in sustainable buildings (GB12)By: REHVA

The Guidebook gives practical guidance for selection, installation and operation of solar shading as well as future trends in integration of HVAC-systems and solar control.

  • Building envelope
  • Building performance calculation and simulation
  • Building performance management
  • installation and operation of solar shading
  • solar control
  • integration with HVAC systems

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