In 2019 the TRC welcomes new topics and proposals as many Task Forces are in final stage. Well-defined activities with outcomes useful for practitioners have a priority. The TRC chair and co-chairs are expected to be active in the work of selected Task Forces. A non-exhaustive list of 2019 topics includes:

  • Smart Buildings (Task Force and Smart Readiness Indicator advocacy group)
  • EU level harmonization of EPCs and EVCS (Collaboration with ALDREN and U-CERT projects)
  • BIM in HVAC sector (collaboration with ProdBIM and BIM-SPEED project, CEN TC442)
  • Focus on specific technologies such as hybridGEOTABS system design (collaboration with hybridGEOTABS project), air curtains (in collaboration with Eurovent), technical systems for greenhouses
  • New proposals submitted by TRC members and PMC

Active Task Forces in 2019 (indicative list)

TitleChair(s)OutcomeDate of publication

REHVA-ISHRAE Building Commissioning Guidelines

Ole TeisenGuidebook no.272019
MedZEB Part IAhmet ArisoyGuidebook no.282019
Quality Management for BuildingsOle Teisen, Stefan PlesserGuidebook no.292019
Hygiene in air-conditioning systems (GB 9 update)Frank Jansen

Guidebook no.9

revised edition

Hygiene in drinking-water supply systemsThomas Wollstein, Christian SchauerGuidebook2019
Air filtration in HVAC systems (GB 11 update)Livio MazzarellaGuidebook2019
REHVA -ASHRE joint GB on NZEB HospitalsWim MaassenGuidebook2019 / TBD
IEQ in nZEB schools (REHVA-ISHRAE)Livio MazzarellaGuidebook2020
Smart BuildingsIvo MartinacGuidebook2020
Design guidelines for HybridGEOTABS buildingsTDBGuidebook2020
Office buildings’ EPC common scaleMartin Thalfeldt, Jarek KurnitskiGuidebook2021
MedZEB Part IIAhmet ArisoyGuidebookTBD


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